#3 Mirage

Wednesday 27th November, 7:30-8:30pm

Bowen Studio

356 Bowen Terrace, New Farm

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Alexander Voltz – Mirage *

John Adams – China Gates

Judith Ring – Dusting the Moth **

Toru Takemitsu – Rain Tree Sketch II

Arvo Part – Variations for the Healing of Arinushka

Olivier Messiaen – La Fauvette Passerinette **

* World Premiere / ** Australian Premiere


Alex Raineri – Piano

A mirage is an optical illusion caused by atmospheric conditions which results in a hallucination. While music is a sonic art-form, the metaphor of mirage, or an ‘imagined truth’, is a beautiful one. Musicians are tasked with the job of sculpting the musical score into a kind of timbral mirage, taking the listener through a metaphoric journey.

The featured composers on this program hail from Australia, America, Ireland, Japan and Estonia. Having journeyed throughout the globe, this performances sonic exploration ends in France with the Australian premiere performance of a newly discovered work by Olivier Messiaen, La Fauvette Passerinette.

Ticket price includes a complementary drink and light refreshments after the performance.

Alex Raineri – Photo: Nick Morrissey Photography
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