#5 Ships in the Night

Saturday 7th December

Newstead Brewing Co.

67 Castlemaine St, Milton

Tickets at dotsandloops.com.au (released for sale late 2019)


Elliott Gyger – Liquid Crystal

John Luther-Adams – Four Thousand Holes**

**Australian Premiere


Luke Carbon – Clarinet

Angus Wilson – Percussion

Alex Raineri – Piano

A Dots+Loops and Brisbane Music Festival co-presentation, this program is made up of two duos that feature the independence of each player’s journey. In each work there are occasional fleeting moments of synchronization, the players passing each other like ships in the night.

Australian composer Elliott Gyger’s Liquid Crystalis a masterclass in temporal liquidity. Structured in twelve short movements, it is paced according to an inevitable trajectory of ever-increasing tension, only to be cut short just shy of its apex. A story left unfinished, an imagined ending is constructible by the listener.

Gyger’s unbridled virtuosity swiftly transitions to the meditative soundscapes of American composer John Luther-Adams. Four Thousand Holes is also imbued with an extremely slow, organic and gradual build of tension. Major and minor triads fluctuate back and forth between instruments with moments of unified partnership, seemingly propelling the narrative of the music forward.

Dots+Loops is Australia’s post-genre music and arts series, inclusively exploring the spaces in between a traditional classical concert, an underground club gig, and an experimental art show. Dots+Loops ‘Nonstop’ on December 7this a 6-hour celebration of Brisbane and Australia’s most exciting and adventurous post-genre musicians. Held in the urban-chic warehouse space above Newstead Brewing Co Milton, there’s a bar open, and a myriad of comfy places to chill out with friends and experience the uniquely encapsulating performances. For full program details, head to http://www.dotsandloops.com.au

Luke Carbon – Photo: David Brown
Angus Wilson – Photo: Daniel Pufe
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