#7 Slow Flight

Wednesday 11th December, 7-9pm

Bowen Studio

356 Bowen Terrace, New Farm

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Andrew Schultz – Suspended Preludes, Op. 49

Beat Furrer – Phasma **


Pierre Boulez – Sonatine for flute and piano

Liam Flenady – Oikeios Topos *

* World Premiere / ** Australian Premiere


Jonathan Henderson – Flute

Marian Heckenberg – Double Bass

Alex Raineri – Piano

A collection of seven miniatures for double bass and piano, Suspended Preludes by Australian composer Andrew Schultz creates an intoxicating and sensual sound world, sculpting sonic nuance from the depths of the piano range and a plethora of extended techniques. The bass and piano are timbrally united, in each miniature exploring a universe entirely different to that which preceded it.

Swiss composer Beat Furrer’s music has the tendency to restrict itself to hints, a stuttering musical dialogue that is in constant search of stability, only to crumble upon itself at points of potential momentum. Phasma is no exception. Alternating between moments of speech-like rhythmic counterpoint and lush scalic flourishes, the music is in search of a destination only to have this illusion unveiled at the eleventh hour as phantom. A gripping journey that at its very core is eternal and infinite.

Pierre Boulez’s Sonatine for flute and piano is rather short. Despite its brevity, it is imbued with a cyclonic intensity that is made all the more vivid through the constant flux and elasticity of its temporal discourse. Despite its rigid serialist construction via use of the twelve-tone technique, the character of the music is always to the fore with lilting figures juxtaposed with constant aggressive flurries of virtuosity.

Composer and guitarist Liam Flenady is a name which carries ever-increasing weight within the realm of Australian music. Writing unashamedly complex scores, his music speaks through a multiplicity of harmonic, rhythmic, and structural constructs – a compositional tower of Babel that through virtue of information-overload, succeeds in being remarkably direct with it’s emotional intentionality. Oikeios Topos (Greek) relates to the relationship between humans and nature, or more specifically, the relations of capitalism versus life-making. 

Ticket price includes a complementary drink and light refreshments at interval.

Jonathan Henderson – Photo: Rasmus Jurkatam
Marian Heckenberg – Photo: Joe Matthews
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