Elaine Seeto

Elaine Seeto – Photo: John Davidson

Elaine Seeto completed a music degree majoring in composition and postgraduate studies in film and TV music by 1997. She wrote a number of chamber works before pursuing a career as a classical music concerts producer and marketer.

Elaine has been commissioned by 4MBS Classic FM, writing the opening and closing themes for the toured ‘Cribbie’ theatre production, and overtures to celebrate the 10th 4MBS Brisbane Shakespeare Festival and in 2019, the 40th anniversary of their first broadcast.

Her music has been recorded with musicians of Southern Cross Soloists and featured in the Bangalow Music Festival 2017 Prelude. Along with the exciting premiere of her Brisbane Music Festival 2019 work, Elaine has also been commissioned by the Ady Ensemble and Duoz for 2020.

Elaine is a passionate advocate of contemporary musicians in her role as broadcaster of the 4MBS program Music of Our Time.

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