Judith Ring

Judith Ring – Photo – Sebastien Molines

Judith Ring (1976, Dublin, Ireland) has been writing music for the past 20 years. She has written pieces for a number of top contemporary music ensembles and soloists specialising in close collaboration and improvisation. These include Concorde ensemble (Ireland), Crash ensemble (Ireland), Bradyworks (Canada), Percussemble (Germany) and Sepia ensemble (Poland) and musicians such as Lina Andonovska (flute) Kate Ellis (cello), Martin Johnson (cello), Adele Johnson (viola), Malachy Robinson (double bass), Michelle O’Rourke (mezzo soprano), Garth Knox (viola), Natasha Lohan (mezzo soprano), Rolf Hind (piano), Paul Roe (clarinet), Jane O’Leary (piano), Laura Moody (cello), Beau Stocker (percussion), Damien Harron (percussion), Panayiotis Demopoulos (piano), Valerie Pearson (violin), Elisabeth Smalt (adapted viola), Nathalie Forget (Ondes Martenot), Andre Leroux (tenor saxophone) and many more.

Her debut album “What Was” was released on Ergodos records in 2014 followed by the self-released “Ring Lieder” in 2017.

She has a PhD in composition from the University of York, UK and Masters in Music and Media Technologies from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland where she currently lectures in composition in the Music department.


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