Lachlan Skipworth

Lachlan Skipworth – Photo: Nik Babic

Hailed by The Australian as possessing a “rare gift as a melodist” and by Limelight as expressing “both exquisite delicacy and tremendous power”, Australian composer Lachlan Skipworth writes across the mediums of orchestral, chamber, vocal and experimental music. His vivid musical language is coloured by three years spent in Japan where his immersion in the study of the shakuhachi bamboo flute inevitably became a part of his muse. This is immediately evident in Skipworth’s major orchestral work of 2018, Breath of Thunder, for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Japanese drumming group Taikoz, and shakuhachi grand master Riley Lee. However it was winning the prestigious Paul Lowin Prize for orchestral composition two years earlier which truly established Skipworth’s reputation, leading to a string of major commissions and Skipworth’s appointment as composer-in-residence with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra.

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