Heidi Chan

Heidi Chan – Photo: Various

Heidi Chan is a versatile composer, performer, curator, and inter-disciplinary artist. From the debut of her piano suite at the Tyalgum Festival of Classical Music, to achieving associate representation with the Australian Music Centre, Heidi has been interweaving ecological and geographical elements, cultural heritage, scientific research and inter-arts aesthetic in her music.

With the juxtaposition of traditional and innovative media, exploration of new performance techniques and sonification of eco-data, Heidi’s compositions encompass a wide range of genres from contemporary classical art music, aleatoric and electro-acoustic work, to multi-media installation. Her works have appeared in Australian and international projects, concerts, festivals, galleries, conferences, publications and broadcast on radio, commissioned by soloists, ensembles, visual artists, film-makers and esteemed patrons. Her orchestral works have also been performed by players from the Queensland Symphony Orchestra.

Vigorously trained in classical music and mentored by Dr Robert Davidson, Heidi holds a Bachelor of Music with First Class Honours, the Music Honours Prize and the University of Queensland Medal for Outstanding Academic Achievement. She has directed the UQ Touch Ensemble and is also the Young Composer Awards Co-ordinator for the 2019 Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conference. Heidi is committed to bringing contemporary Australian art music to diverse audience.


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